Level 2 Training

child blowing horn with therapist - TalkToolsTraining Goal

Continue to expand ability to implement OPT techniques while gaining additional knowledge regarding evaluations and program planning.  

Who Can Attend

Anyone who has successfully completed Level 1 training. 

Qualified participants include, but may not be limited to, Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Nurses, and Special Education Teachers.

Course Work 

In order for a participant to be considered a TalkTools Level 2 Intermediate, they must first complete the following Live Workshop: 

  • Oral Placement Therapy: Assessment and Program Plan Development

Course Summary

Learn how to perform a comprehensive evaluation for clients with sensory, feeding and/or speech disorders following the principles of TalkTools’ hierarchical approach to oral-motor assessment and treatment using the techniques learned


12 Contact Hours (1.2 CEU)

TalkTools® is an Approved ASHA Provider and will file your credits with ASHA on your behalf.

Completion of Level 2

Upon completion of Levels 1 and 2, participants will be eligible to apply for Level 3 training.

See the Event Calendar to register for an upcoming course in your area.

Note: In the event that a participant is unable to attend a live workshop, or has already completed a self-study version of the above courses, considerations will be made in order to facilitate the therapists through the Levels Program.


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