TalkTools® offers hands-on seminars across the U.S. and internationally each year. These 1 and 2-day courses, taught by our highly-trained therapists, cover a variety of diagnoses within their areas of expertise.

We also offer a Level Training Program where therapists can become accomplished in Oral Placement Therapy (OPT) techniques to improve feeding and speech. Look for us presenting at a convention near you throughout the year as well.

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TalkTools Level Training Program is designed to provide professional therapists a clear path of continuing education and training related to speech and feeding therapy. 

Each Level has its own unique requirements, goals and accomplishments. Herein, you will find a clear path for reaching Level 4 / Accomplished status, starting with Level 1 and progressing up through the clearly defined pathway. 

The mission, is to help as many children and adults, who are afflicted with speech or feeding issues, as possible, by exponentially expanding the number of qualified therapists through continued training from Level 1 to Level 4. 

The Goals are to provide: 

  • Standardized Quality Training
  • Accessible, Attainable & Affordable Courses
  • Incentivized and Rewarding Path for Therapists 

The Benefits can best be seen by visiting The Value Page. 

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Hosting a Workshop in a Nutshell: While you host the workshop of your choice at your facility, TalkTools® provides all learning material and markets it to professionals in your region.

TalkTools® in Numbers:

TalkTools® has been known for its quality, clinically relevant Continuing Education since 1996

75,000+ SLPs have attended our workshops with over 95% recommending them to their colleagues

Our email database has over 30,000 contacts, with the possibility to send geo-targeted campaigns

Benefits for Your Organization:

  TalkTools | Educate your staff

Educate your Staff

with unique learning material, appropriate CEUs, free products and other advantages.

TalkTools | Be a knowledge generator

Be a Knowledge Generator

by educating your audience to cutting edge clinical strategies that can be implemented right away.

TalkTools | Develop Public Relations

Develop Public Relations

with professionals and families affected by speech and feeding disabilities in your community.